Never Gonna Be A DJ

from by Creatures from the Bog

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This song is almost as old your Dad. I reckon I probably wrote it and started performing it in 1998 maybe, not sure. Anyway there is one kind-of-ok version out there from 2000 recorded with (the otherwise excellent, if utterly dysfunctional Quill) which you can listen to here:
I have fond memories of the old days with this band above but I was never entirely happy with elements of that old version. However, I am SUPER-PUMPED to finally have a version I love so I can put the old nag out to pasture so to speak! (Seamus)



I quit my job washing dishes and scrubbing pans the other night.
I just walked out of the kitchen while they weren't lookin',
Even though I knew that it wasn't right.
But the other kitchen hand, you see,
Well, he was only twenty three.
They found him floating lifeless in the Yarra,
And now he will never be,
All of those things he wanted to be.
He wanted to be a DJ,
But all he ever did was work all day,
And now he's never gonna be no DJ

Never gonna be a DJ, b-baby,
Never gonna be a DJ.
Never gonna be a doo-da-doo-doo-doo

So as I was drying the cutlery,
Sweeping the floors,
And emptying the bins.
And as the chefs burned their arms and swore,
I got to thinkin' about things - yet again!
And I re-realised that life is far too short to waste,
Doing something that you really hate.
So if you're gonna do it,
Then go ahead and do it,
Before it's too late.
Before it's too late.

Never gonna be a DJ, b-baby,
Never gonna be a DJ.
Never gonna be a DJ.
Never gonna be a doo-da-doo-doo-doo

And then that night as I was lying in my bed,
I heard this voice inside my head.
It said: "G'day Seamus"

And I said: "Umm ... G'day Steve...
Errr ... aren't you supposed to be dead?"

"Yeah that's right,
Incredibly perceptive as usual!
But I just wanted to tell you about how I really died.
And I just wanted to give you,
A little peace of mind,
And let you know that it's alright...
C'mon now Momma - it's alright!"


from Creatures from the Bog, track released August 21, 2015
Song written by Seamus Anthony Ennis
Performed by Robert Telonis (bass), Peter de Weijer (drums), Jarra Bullen (guitar), Seamus (vocals, guitar)



all rights reserved


Creatures from the Bog Melbourne, Australia

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